Issue 08:

Birds and Language

Guest editors: Madeleine Kelly and Jen Valender


Guest editors: Madeleine Kelly and Jen Valender

scholarly essay

A Sensory Ecology Approach to Birdwatching: Learning to Look Askance.

by Ruth Barcan and Jay Johnston

creative practice essay

Dear Volker: a human-sparrow epistolary about expression, desire, and thresholds of relation

by Ally Bisshop

scholarly essay

Bird Song (extracts)

by David Brooks

scholarly essay

Dissonant Creatures: Birds, Language and Theatricality in Jannis Kounellis's 'Poor Art' practice

by Elyssia Bugg


Wayai and widow songs

by Genevieve Campbell with Senior Tiwi Songwomen

scholarly essay

Of Birds and Men: Migrant Labour and the Avian Subjects of Robert Zhao

by Louis Ho

scholarly essay

Vectoring Deep Time: Birds and Language

by Dr Madeleine Kelly

scholarly essay

Pretty polyglot: parrotisation as the difference in repetition, again.

by Dr Tessa Laird

creative non-fiction

Double eyed: Finding and feeding the patterns that sustain us

by Clare Murphy

essay, poetry

Words Of Birds As Psychopomps

by Ian Reid

scholarly essay

Thinking-with Regent Honeyeaters: on homes and futures for a critically endangered species

by Dr Zoë Sadokierski and Dr Timo Rissanen

practice essay, video


by Susan Silas


Digital mimesis: revisiting the reimagined cry of the Huia

by Jen Valender

scholarly essay 

Birdsong: Language or Music?

by Hollis Taylor

scholarly essay, video

Becoming Bird: an artist's reflection on listening and making

by Dr Anna Walker


Unseeing Elegy of the Tetrachromats

by Jessica Laraine Williams, Roger Alsop and Mathew L Berg