Issue 09:


Guest editors: Melody Ellis and Kim Munro


Editorial: Resistance and/as Creative Practice

by Kim Munro and Melody Ellis

Multimedia Essay

From A-Z: an Alphabetarium of Resistance

by Andrea Luka Zimmerman


Maverick Methods™: Workshop as Interactive-Mediated-Performance (WIMP) reimagined as Creative-Resistance-As-Political-Practice (CRAPP) with Multimedia Interventions And So Many Acronyms (MIASMA)

by Peta Murray and Stayci Taylor AKA The Jolly Good Fellows (JGFs)

Scholarly Essay

Disassembling the cloud factory: superconductr intervenes in platform-mediated work

by Matthias Kispert


If not now  

by Jill Daniels

Creative Practice Essay

Artistic Resistance from a Position of Proximity

by David Brazier


Riding the Storm – an instruction

by Manuela Johanna Covini

Scholarly Essay

In between the lines: Listening to the inaudible, giving way to the unsayable

By Lílian Campesato and Valéria Bonafé

Scholarly Essay

Public Reading as Resistance

by Kelly Hussey-Smith and Marnie Badham

Scholarly Essay

What if the classroom was a disco?

by Melinda Reid, Anastasia Murney, and Aneshka Mora


We will never clean the creek

by Kate Hill

Creative Practice Essay

Memory Book: Biographical poetry as a tool for listening to and celebrating older Australians

by Cassandra Atherton and Jessica L. Wilkinson

Creative Practice Essay

José María Velasco's Pastoral Landscapes and the Politics of Seeing: Technologies of Colonial Violence in Indigenous Geographies.

by Victor Arroyo


The Space that is Us: Resisting and Recreating Selves and Spaces

By Phethile Zitha, Simangaliso Sibiya, Nom'Ay Matola, Hayley Haynes-Rolando

Scholarly Essay

Listening Online, Diverse Attentions, and

by Ben Byrne