Project timeline

Project timeline

Nature in the dark 1 (2012) was curated by Maria Miranda and Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier.

Nature in the Drak 1 artists: Tim Nohe, Siri Hayes, Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski, Angie Black, Liz Dunn, Steve Turpie, Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier and Scott Lewis and Renuka Rajiv

Nature in the Dark 2 (2015) was curated by Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier.

Nature in the Dark 2 artists: Jenny Fraser, Radiance (Rose Staff), Olaf Meyer, Kim Munro, Michael Carmody, Hugh Davies and Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier

Nature in the Dark - Baltimore (2015) was curated by Marnie Benney.

Nature in the Dark - Baltimore artists: Laure Drogoul, Benjamin Andrew, Rachel Guardiola

Screenings and Gallery Exhibitions

23 Nov - 22 Dec 2012: Big Screen at Federation Square, Melbourne, Vic

18 - 27 July 2014
: Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Melbourne, Vic

14 Aug - 5 Oct 2014: Visual Arts Centre, Bendigo, Vic

26 Jan 2015: National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD, USA

23 - 25 April 2015: Ynot Lot / Station North, Baltimore, MD, USA 

1- 29 May 2015: Chestertown in Chestertown, MD, USA

13 - 20 Aug 2015: 700s Arts Festival (RMIT University), Melbourne, Vic

14 - 16 Feb 2016: EcoArts Conference, Wollongong, NSW

28 November 2016: Sightlines, RMIT, Melbourne, Vic

Individual works like Jenny Fraser's Bunurong were presented at MICIV in Venezuela, 2016, and Hugh Davies and Jan Brueggemeier's Current and Waves at the Environmental Film Festival Australia, 2016.

As well as A. Black's disnature was shortlisted Best Experimental by the ATOM awards 2013.

Public Events and Conferences

21 Nov 2012: Public launch at North Melbourne Town Hall: this event included a keynote speech by Professor Freya Mathews, environmental philosopher (LTU) and panel discussion with Matt Ruchel (VNPA), Professor Michael Clarke (Zoology, LTU) Angharad Wynne-Jones (Tipping Point Australia and Arts House), moderated by Brent Clough (ABC Radio National). MC: Professor Norie Neumark, Centre for Creative Arts (LTU)

4 Oct 2014: Project conference at VAC in Bendigo, Vic, and Live Internet stream gathering experts from the areas of Creative Arts, Media, Communication, Literature, Theatre and Performance, Conservation, Environmental Management and Zoology. Presentations included: Professor Peta Tait (LTU), A/Professor Adrian Dyer (RMIT), A/Professor Linda Williams (RMIT), Dr Richard Peters (LTU), Dr Alexis Harley (LTU), Rob Gration (Eco Aerial), Matt Ruchel and Nick Roberts (VNPA), Dr Sophie Bickford (Centralvic Biolinks), Dr Robyn Ballinger, Pat Walters and many more.

15 Feb 2016: NITD paper at EcoArts Conference, by Dr Jan Brueggemeier and Georgina Butterfield, Wollongong, NSW

Online exhibition, Live streams, Multimedia Publications

NITD I - online exhibition since 2012 (website)

4 Oct 2014 March 2016: live streaming of the complete program of the Nature in the Dark Conference, Bendigo

Since October 2016: complete online project archive (including all artists videos (NITD 1 and 2), peer reviewed scientific papers and project documentation) at Unlikely Publishing