Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier and Hugh Davies: Current and Waves

Nature in the Dark 2

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Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier is an artist, academic and media producer based in Melbourne.

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Hugh Davies is an artist, educator and researcher based in Melbourne.

Current and Waves

When viewing the underwater footage provided by Nature in the Dark (NITD) 2, one thing that stood out for the artists was the continuous movement of plants and animals as they exist in a world of water. Observing how frequency and oscillation of waves affect these living things is mesmerising. It shows the otherwise invisible currents and how they organise the shape, movement, habits and navigation of the underwater world. The video follows the interplay of these elements visually but also takes into account that the underwater world's most predominant mode of sensing is acoustic. 

NITD 2 was made possible through the support of Victoria National Parks Association's (VNPA) Reefwatch  and Parks Victoria with special thanks to Steffan Howe and Mark Rodrigue.

The source material for Current and Waves stems from Merry Marine Sanctuary, Bunurong Marine National Park and Flinders Pier in Victoria, Australia, and was provided by Parks Victoria and Museum Victoria.

Hugh Davies is an interdisciplinary artist primarily concerned with spatial practice. Coming from a background in film and television production and with education in multimedia and fine art, Hugh's practice engages with sculpture, interactive installations, screen works and games. His work has been exhibited internationally. He lectures in Media and Communication at numerous universities nationally and internationally, and serves as board director of the independent gaming festival Freeplay. Prior to that he lectured in Media and Communication at RMIT, and worked as multi-platform producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as well as he was chairman of the board at ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology).

Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier is a freelance artist and media producer. Jan's artistic interests lie in sound art and spaces for communication in the city. He holds an MFA in Media Arts and Design from the Bauhaus University Weimar, where he graduated from the chair for Experimental Radio. He relocated from London, where he worked for the AA School of Architecture, to Melbourne to take on his Creative PhD at the Centre for Creative Arts at La Trobe University, where he now resides. Jan has been actively involved in the shaping and running of international media networks and he has curated numerous art festivals and exhibitions. His work has been shown internationally at venues like Radio Saout at Marrakech Biennale 5, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Goethe Institute Rome, artwave at Athens Bienniale 1, Meteor Festival in Bergen. He was the artistic co- director of the EU project bauhaus lab 2009, an international project network for contemporary interdisciplinary arts. He has been artist-in-residence of the Cultural Foundations of Saxony and Thuringia in Germany.