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ART and HERBARIUM: Creative Ecological Investigations

This unique collaboration between artists and science investigates how the arts and sciences can enliven each other in unexpected ways. Through its form, practice and reflection Art and Herbarium shows how modes of scientific knowledge and of creative practice continue to be intertwined in this most challenging of centuries.

The Art and Herbarium exhibition show works by the artists, who engaged with the Herbarium collection with imagination, sensitivity and intelligence.

This exhibition is part of the forthcoming issue of Unlikely - Journal for Creative Arts.

Exhibition Dates: 2-16 March, 2017

Artists: Tom Bristow, Rosalind Hall, Elizabeth Hickey, Jessica Hood, Bonny Cassidy, Harry Nankin, Josh Wodak

Opening Night: 2 March, 6pm

Venue: Lab 14 Gallery, 700 Swanston St, Carlton, Vic 3053

Curator: Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier

Project team: Tom Bistow and Danielle Wyatt